Southdown Airsoft Site is part of Allsorts Airsoft Limited.

Our site is located in the heart of the Southdowns, with stunning scenery and woodland. Southdown Airsoft boasts 95 Acres of land dedicated to airsoft, giving our players more of an authentic playing experience.

Remember having fun is important, at the end of the day you are all a bunch of grown men, women & children running round the woods with toy guns!


Our Prices!

Half Day

Walk On:- £N/A

Rental:- £N/A

Full Day (Booking Only)

Walk On:- £25

Rental:- £35 + £35 Returnable Deposit

What's included

Free Coffee/Tea

Lunch (Hotdog, Crisps & Drink)

Free Parking

Included in Rentals

Our rentals include a full face mask & around 3000 bb’s.

Our weapons of choice are the Nuprol Defender & the Saigo Defence Kenji Assault rifles.

All Rentals must be booked in Advance.